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Roger A. Suggs, CFA, AAS, CCF

Clay County Property Appraiser

Roger A. Suggs Clay County Property Appraiser


As the Clay County Property Appraiser, I want to welcome you to our website. It serves as an extension of our office and is continuously updated to provide the most current assessment information regarding properties located within Clay County. I hope your visit to our website is both beneficial and informative.

2020 TRIM Notices

The 2020 Notice of Proposed Tax forms, also known as the TRIM notices, will be mailed to Clay County property owners on August 21, 2020. Florida law requires the TRIM notices to be mailed each year by the property appraiser on behalf of the taxing authorities. Although the TRIM notice is not a bill, it is intended to notify property owners of possible changes that may appear on the November tax bill. Therefore, property owners are encouraged to review the notices and deadlines carefully. Additional information can be accessed using the following links:


  • The CCPAO prefers to resolve issues informally, if possible. However, petitions may be filed with the Clay County Value Adjustment Board on or before September 15, 2020.


General Inquiries:

Please call (904) 269-6305 for general inquiries. Additionally, questions may be submitted here.

Property Tax Exemption Applications:

The deadline to file property tax exemption applications for the 2020 assessment roll was March 2nd. However, late-filed homestead applications* and portability applications (with extenuating circumstances) may be filed no later than September 15, 2020. Applications are accepted at both office locations or can be mailed to:

Exemptions Department

P.O. Box 38

Green Cove Springs, FL 32043

*Applicants must also provide copies of two documents to establish proof of permanent residency (i.e., updated driver’s license or identification card, voter registration card, vehicle registration, utility bill, etc.).

Public Records Request

Kelley Brown, CFE
Records Management Liaison Officer

Annual Reports

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How Property is Valued

Florida law charges the Property Appraiser with the task of valuing all property that is not immune from taxation, or otherwise exempt from valuation.