2019 Property Tax Exemption Renewal Card Guide


Florida law provides for a number of property tax exemptions which will reduce the taxable value of a property. One of the responsibilities of the Clay County Property Appraiser’s Office (CCPAO) is to ensure that all eligible property owners receive the full benefit of those exemptions to which they are eligible. In Clay County, most property tax exemptions are automatically renewed. Meaning, once an initial exemption application is granted by the CCPAO, a subsequent application to maintain the exemption is not required. Annually (on or before February 1), the CCPAO mails Property Tax Exemption Renewal Cards to each property owner who qualified for specific exemptions in the prior year. The exemption(s) will remain in effect until the property owner is no longer eligible. If eligibility status has not changed, simply retain the renewal card as your receipt. This guide was developed to provide valuable information regarding your 2019 property tax exemption renewal (based on last year’s qualified exemptions). The guide provides explanations of possible exemption codes, corresponding descriptions, and Florida Statute references. For more information, contact an Exemptions Specialist at (904) 269-6305, option 1.