2018 Notice of Proposed Property Taxes

The 2018 Notice of Proposed Tax forms, also known as the TRIM notices, will be mailed on August 20, 2018. Florida law requires the TRIM notices to be mailed each year by the property appraiser on behalf of the taxing authorities. Although the TRIM notice is not a bill, it is intended to notify property owners of possible changes that may appear on the November tax bill. Therefore, property owners are encouraged to review the information carefully.

Understanding Your Notice of Proposed Property Taxes

2018 TRIM Guide

TRIM Frequently Asked Questions

Press Release: Truth in Millage Notices for 2018

Florida Property Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights

History and Facts about Truth in Millage

The Clay County Property Appraiser’s Office prefers to resolve issues informally, if possible. However, formal petitions may be filed with the Clay County Value Adjustment Board on or before September 14, 2018. Click here for more information.